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Ey3 - A proud Australian web company
Web, Database & Information Systems

If you are looking for a new web development or to transfer your current site and want to use professionals who speak your language, are proud to be Australian owned and opperated and don't over charge, then look no further than Ey3. We are a long established one stop shop for all your web needs.

Ey3 serves clients all over the world, and we are happy to help with very small jobs even domain name registration, as well as big information systems developments. If you are not sure if we are the right people to help you with your job, simply give us a ring or book an appointment - it's FREE!
With Ey3 you have the choice of DIY, Template and Custom solutions, depending on your requirements. (usually people will choose between these solutions depending on their budget, time frame and professionalism required) Try our web needs analyser, or our business needs analyser or meet with us (its FREE!) to determine what will suit you best.
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Why use Ey3 for your web presence?
Ey3 is a new style of company. We are proudly Australian owned and operated, and we have more than 15years of experience both in Australia and internationally. This means you will be dealt with by Australian locals who understand your requirements, can talk your language, and can advise on and provide the best solutions for your needs. Locals with internation expertise!.

What makes Ey3 different?
We care! All our staff do what they love to do, meaning that your website will be exactly how you want it. We are professional, we run using standard opperating procedures, and employ professional project managers to run your development. We make the web experience easy, with lots of documentation or verbal explanations if that is what you prefer.

Custom doesn't equate to expensive!
Often new clients assume that custom means expensive, our clients find the opposite is true. We don't try and fit your business into a predefined package, instead we take an expert look at the way you run and make recommendations based on your requirements and cost benefit analysis so we ensure you get the best bang for your buck. For example, you might be sold a wiz bang package of which you may use only 10%, but you pay 100% for the package. We will usually recommend something for you so you only pay for the 10% you need rather than paying extra for things you don't require, just because they are part of the package. Custom really means fits your needs like a glove and that includes the cost!

The next step.
Give us a ring, or book a meeting - it's Free! and the best way we know to determine what you really need!