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Maintenance and security services for WordPress websites

Regular maintenance & updates

We love building websites with WordPress, but it's rising popularity makes it a common target for security exploits. To help keep WordPress websites safe, secure and fast, regular maintenance needs to be performed.

Our affordable monthly maintenance package covers essential tasks such as:

  • offsite backups
  • plugin, theme and core updates
  • malware removal
  • scans for hacked files and vulnerabilities
  • a custom report detailing all actions taken.

Malware cleanup

Has your WordPress site been hacked? Common signs of this include:

  • links to unrelated external sites for gambling, medications or pornography appearing on your site
  • error pages, or a 'white screen of death'
  • being redirected from your website to an external suspicious website
  • browser security errors indicating that your site has been flagged as suspicious or malicious.

If you suspect that your website has been targeted, our WordPress security experts can secure and restore your site in almost all cases. We can also help to ensure that it never happens again!

Firewall setup & server hardening

A firewall is an essential component of any modern website. We recommend using CloudFlare, a popular service with a free entry-level plan offering a reliable firewall with simple setup. Once combined with Wordfence, the best WordPress security plugin, your site will be secure from most of the standard attack patterns.

Our cyber security expert can also carry out a custom audit of your systems, identifying any potential vulnerabilities and recommending and making improvements to ensure top-notch security into the future.

Cyber Security Rankings

Scores range from a low of 0 to a high of 5, calculated weekly using our custom cyber security scanner.

StateTotal SitesAverage Score
WA> 9k3.31
QLD> 39k3.23
ACT> 2k3.19
NT< 1k3.17
TAS> 1k3.16
NSW> 61k3.13
SA> 8k3.13
VIC> 37k2.94
Total> 161k3.16

Last updated: 2024-07-23 17:21:37


IndustryTotal SitesAverage Score
Science> 5k3.46
Society> 3k3.23
Hobbies And Interests> 2k3.23
Travel> 10k3.21
Law Govt And Politics> 6k3.20
Technology And Computing> 24k3.19
Family And Parenting> 1k3.19
Home And Garden> 14k3.17
Education> 7k3.16
Business And Industrial> 72k3.16
Health And Fitness> 14k3.16
Automotive And Vehicles> 9k3.15
Art And Entertainment> 27k3.15
Shopping> 3k3.14
Real Estate> 3k3.13
Religion And Spirituality< 1k3.12
Food And Drink> 13k3.12
Careers> 1k3.11
Pets> 1k3.11
Sports> 8k3.10
Adult< 1k3.09
Style And Fashion> 8k3.04
Finance> 11k2.81
News< 1k2.74
Total> 253k3.13

Last updated: 2024-07-23 17:21:37

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