It’s Not a Job. It’s Your Business!

“Today’s employer is usually yesterday’s employee who found opportunity waiting for him/her at the end of the second mile”
-Napoleon Hill (1928)

If you have come from being an employee you will be like many others and miss this point. You need to understand the difference between having a job and being in business.

Employee: A job requires you to invest your time, knowledge and skills (experience) for someone else. In return they pay and reward you for this sacrifice. In a job you may not necessarily be doing what you love.
Employer: Your business requires you to buy the products or services (knowledge and skills) from others in the hope for a return on investment so that you may profit from the transaction.

As a entrepreneur you know the most important steps for your clients are for them to adjust their habits, mindset, culture and attitude. For them to achieve their health and fitness results you want them to:

  • Have self-discipline (as you can’t be with them 24/7)
  • Display personal initiative (to do the things they have to do when you are not there)
  • Go the extra-mile (to do more than the minimal requirement)

As your business development coach I expect you to display the same traits you expect from your clients. It is vital you understand the ideas and concepts in this section.

Napoleon Hill established six fundamental principles about business that I would like to share with you at this point:

  1. A business requires focused and accurate thinking
  2. A business demands you have your time and life well managed
  3. A successful and sustainable business requires planning
  4. A profitable business requires a mentor
  5. Mistakes must become learned lessons
  6. Failure is not an option; or as I say “Go balls to the wall”

These fundamental business principles are pretty much self explanatory and are discussed more fully in the book of recommended reading. I do strongly suggest you read the book more than once.

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